A B O U T   O U R   P R O D U C T S

​It all started with a cumquat tree in the backyard and the fruit getting in the way of my husband's mower.

"Can't you do something with those things, I hate to waste them!"

And so it began...


With a lot of trial and error, a good measure of patience and a love for cooking

Ladybug Preserves was born!


​I try to capture flavours of days gone by as well as create some new ones!

All my jams, relishes, sauces and chutneys are made

in small batches and cooked slowly just like my mum

used to do it.

It's hard to beat the taste of  REAL, HAND-MADE preserves, free of

artificial colours, flavours and preservatives!

Check out my Market Diary and if I happen to be somewhere near you - come and sample our range.


As my husband and I are both doing markets  we have expanded our range and also carry the full range of sauces and spices made by 'The Chilli Factory' & The Spice Factory,

We also added Billabong Beef Jerky ( including Kangaroo, Crocodile and Emu ) to maximise interest in our products & give our customers a wider choice of tastes & products.







Ladybug Preserves Kumquat tree.jpeg

While some of the produce for Ladybug Preserves  is grown in our own garden, most of it is sourced from local Farmer's Markets, Farms and Flemington Markets.  Only the best ingredients are used.

My main focus is to re-create those old recipes that bring back memories of Mum's or Nanna's cooking and also create unusual combinations of flavours without the use of any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

The range of products change constantly, as it depends on the seasonal availability of fruits and vegetables are used.